[II] Lexxant " The windshifter"

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[II] Lexxant " The windshifter" Empty [II] Lexxant " The windshifter"

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[II] Lexxant " The windshifter" Img005
His keyblade may take on the form of an eagle or a jeweled scorpion.
[II] Lexxant " The windshifter" Img004
He began training in the organization at the age of Ten, dedicated to impressing the boss, however he was agitated by xigbar and eventually killing him, impressing xemnas at the power, and claiming lexxant as the new number two. As time passed, he trained many people into the organization including Blixt and penelope.One day, a giant heartless invaded the castle and attacked lexxant, almost killing him but forcing many to believe he was dead, but making his big entrance back some time ago. Him and penelope tend to fight a bit, once it began a serious fight. Lexxant locked himself in the round room and began training on his chair with his keyblades, using his air manipulating powers to move the keyblades. However, one of the larger keyblades smashed into his arm, pushed him off his chair and landing on his head, being knocked out he was taken to the newly found arena and woke up after a nightmare about something. He started sleep walking and attacking all around, yelling " Dont touch me! I didnt do anything! Leave my head alone! " Before waking up on the floor after collapsing.

[New] His song. I write sins not tragedies [ Panic! At the disco ]

Lexxant is always found singing

Oh,well imagine.
As im pacing the pews in a church corridor
And i cant help but to hear
No, I cant help but to hear an exchanging of words.

What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding says a bridesmaid to a waiter
Ah yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor grooms bride is a WHORE


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