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His Voice A Gentle Lullaby, Echos In Her Head
She Shuts Her Eyes, Gently Smiles, and Lays Herself To Bed.
Eyes So Sweet, They Melt Her Core,
A Voice Like That, Who Wouldn't Want More?
Her Fears They Fade, as He Walks Her Way.
She'll Feel Safe, Protected For Another Day.
Will He Ever Feel This Love, She'll Ask?
But For Now She Must Wear an Emotionless Mask..







Organizaton XIII

Penelope ; III Img001
Penelope ; III Img002
Penelope ; III Img008

White skin, paler then the winter's snow, Penelope is younger then most Organization Members. She has a very light shade of blonde hair, wearing a blood red rose in her hair. Most of the time she is seen wearing her black robings, and a mask that has III stitched into it, for she is number 3 in the Organization. Under her robings, she has black shorts and a deep red shirt. When not wearing her robings, she has a bandage around her higher left thigh, and she has bandages over her right eye. Her left visible eye is a yellow colour, while her hidden eye is red.
Penelope is almost always seen with a black spider, having yellow markings on its back, as well as four amazing eyes, made from her own Aura. Long ago, it's link to her broke, and it became it's own being. It will still obey Penelope, and it has various types of Venom in it's fangs, many of which end your life in mere seconds.

Before an occurence in her life, Penelope was rather rude and un-loving. She was kind mostly to Number 2, Lexxant. After his death she has spent much of her time out hidden in Mickey's castle, as well as in the desert like lands. In the kingdom she met a man, twice her age, who has since become her friend. The only man who has allowed her to show any niceness in herself, she consider's him almost family, though to others, they believe they may see something a bit more then just admiration in her eyes when she looks to him. Little did Penelope know at the time of meeting him, they were more then right..

Both parents, reported and filed as dead since she had turned four. Lexxant, Nineteen when he found her, took her back to the Organization without knowing what he was doing. He thought nothing of it and denied his fake feelings. Soon after as Penelope had grow older, and learned the tactics of the Organization she had been moved to Number 3. Quickly following, Penelope had turned Fourteen, and Lexxant was Twenty-Nine, she has started calling him pet names such as Lexxypooh, or Snuggybear. This very much annoyed him, causing his fake feelings to emerge, and when he had finally accepted these feelings.. he had been murdered.

Missing three years before Penelope's birth, no one knows of his where abouts, nor if he still lives. Many suggest his death, where Penelope believes neither story. She merely believes he is somewhere better then where he had lived before.

My Bloody Valentine - Good Charlotte
Penelope is often found singing the words, " Oh my love, Please don't cry, I'll wash my Bloody Hands, and We'll start a new life.." And Many people believe Penelope means to say, she would give up killing, and injuring others to be with the man she has fallen in love with.

Penelope carries both a Scythe, which crackles with an electric energy, as well as having a large pouch around belt belt. In the pouch she carries many dice, over one thousand, some which are small, smaller then an infants pinky nail, and others which are that of a normal dice.
`Scythe ;
Penelope Scythe controls an electric power, which she may use to shock others. Depending on how many volts are shot, you may merely feel a small buzz against your skin, or you may fall to the ground wrything in pain, such as if you were to have been 'tazered'. Another factor of her Scythe depends on where the electric shock is sent to. If you have a high amount shot to your head, it is likely you will die, rather then if a high amount was sent to the leg.

`Dice ;
Penelope has many dice in a leather pouch that hangs from her belt. Sealed shut with her Aura, Penelope is the only one who may open it. Upon the dice may be words or letters. Some of the dice also have a symbol on it. On others there may be numerals, and the likes. Mostly there are ones with a Letters and Numerals, or words and Numerals. If there were to be a dice thrown with a Four and a cloud symbol, there would be a large puff of smoke that would last for around four minutes or hours.

Penelope, born fourteen years ago, lives now for the Organization. Sitting in the third Chair, she wears a mask embroided with III. Her parents, reported dead slightly after her fourth birthday, Penelope has saught revenge on those who have harmed her parents. Her brother on the other hand, said to be missing three years before her birth, Penelope merely think's he is somewhere better.
Days after the death of loved ones, Lexxant a Nine-teen year old man found Penelope, asleep and alone. Without understanding his fake feelings, took her back to the Organization and as Penelope slowly grew older, she was taught the tactics needed to fight for the organization, and given her own Scythe.
When you stand near enough to it, you may hear the crackle of electricity trickling over it's blade. She uses this for self-protection, as well as killing or injuring others.
A few years after being at the Organization, Penelope had discovered her talent, in which she may absorb the aura around her being, and move it directly to her hand, using it to create other things such as spiders, or manipulate it to allow her to walk on water and the likes. When Penelope had turned seven, three years after the Organization met her, she had created a large spider by accident, at first being afraid of it, trying to run, which didnt seem to work for it followed her because of their unseen bond. Upon clenching her hand into a fist, it paused, melting down to the ground and faded as it was absorbed back into her hand. Moments after this she had summoned the spider again, and let it stay. While studying it closer, she thought of it as cute, with four sweet eyes, eight strong legs, and a long slim body with strange designs on the back. Years later at the age of Thirteen, Penelope had still not sent back the gentle being, therefor, their link with each other broke, causing the spider to become its 'own person', though it stayed with Penelope still.
Currently at the age of Fourteen, Lexxant had died, while Penelope had moped around staying away from the Organization, she met an older man who was around the age of Twenty-Eight. Meeting him in Mickey's Castle, Penelope had been sitting deep in a dark corner where he had sensed her aura, and sent flames around her trapping her in the corner. After re-considering his actions, he had let her be free, and slowly they began to talk. Penelope, showing her dominence over him, had her spider encase him in the metal like silken string, and inject a deadly venom into his body. If moments were to have passed he would have died, though Penelope instead absorbed the Dark Venom back into her aura. Upon later freeing the two Guards that she had absorbed into her Aura, Penelope had stared directly into one of the Men's eyes, seeing something she had seen many years ago. The look of fear, and confidence all at once, the same eyes the man had when he had killed her parents. Penelope realized that if it had not been for Lexxant's foot steps alerting the Guard, she too would have died.
Penelope, upon leaving the Castle, had taken, with one clean swipe, the mans leg from the knee down, ripping it from the rest of him. The Confidence leaving from his eyes, they merely welled up with fear and pain. Blood spurtting out, covering Penelope she walked off leaving him to die.
Less then hours after this, Penelope had met again the man she had met in the Castle. She had seemed to loosen up, something she thought was very strange, and quickly grew to respect him. While inviting her to swim in the vast waters of the ocean area, she had moved off playfully and tickled him. Setting a nice mood of friendliness, they had quickly grown on each other. As friends, Penelope will still sneak on him, with silent attacks of tickling.
From the day she met this stranger, until now, she has grown so fond of him she fears a new emotion that swells deep in her chest.. Love. She had learned that she truely is in love with this man twice her age, and has no idea how to react to this. Hiding her obvious feelings, she stays in a friendly manner, trying not to seem to eager to be with him, or smile to much when he speaks to her.
His voice, a sweet lullaby to her ears, Penelope loves to constantly hear it, and could fall asleep to his soothing tone, finding herself disappointed when he is no where to be found. His face, a beautiful painting in her eyes, something she would stare at for ages, Penelope must refrain herself from this. Penelope avoids staring directly into his eyes, for when she does, she compeltely melts, and would find herself obeying every word he says. She has found that he is very muscular, for she had once fallen asleep, clinging to his back, face pressed to his shoulder blade.
Late at night, she finds herself by his side, all her fears that she would feel moments ago, melt away, and notices she must keep her arms to herself, longing to have them wrapped around him. The one day when he had allowed her to do this, Penelope had been more happy then any other day in her life, and prays for another oppourtunity for this. Sometimes she will playfully push him, just to have a feel of his muscles, though on certain occasions she will act extremly sad, hoping to get a hug from the man.
Penelope, feeling quite girlish when she thinks of his lips, often wonders if they are soft, and has a deep want to have her lips pressed to his. She is unsure if this is a wrong thought because of the age difference, but can easily convince herself that age is not a factor in love.
Penelope often stares up to the stars at night, and ponder's on why she had to fall for a man of such age. "Surely," she will often think to herself, "He would never fall in love with someone of my age, nor would he ever fancy my appearence.." Penelope has since criticized her appearence, whether it be her face, which she has grown to think it is slightly unpleasent, or her obvious body problem, being much too underweight she has before been considered anorexic.
Never the less, Penelope spends as much time as she can by his side, finding herself staring up at his handsome features, and having to look away blushing. Penelope dearly hopes that he will not find out her fondness of him, though she knows it must one day happen, whether she tells him or he notices the way she looks at him whenever she is granted the chance.
Penelope's only dream is that when the day comes that he finds out her undieing love for him, that he will accept her whether it be he likes her back, a thought she pushed out of her mind, or if he would stay as her friend.
Penelope, upon finally returning to the room she was awarded long ago for a Mission she completed with Lexxant, found a man sitting in the seat in which Lexxant had once sat. Penelope, wondering who this man was and why he had been sitting on an off limits seat, went up to him. Upon movign his hood, Penelope saw a sight which she never thought could be true. There sitting, alive instead of dead, Lexxant, smiling up to her. Later, when talking to him, she had found that he had seemingly been killed, but rather had just been almost killed. Penelope was very glad to see that he is alive and well, and feels less sadness on lonely nights, knowing someone so close to her has ' come back from the dead '.
Sometimes when Penelope is alone, she will create from her Aura small, delicate butterflies, though unlike most of her creations they have much colour to them. Pink, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, purple, and much more colours, these delicate beings will surround her, attracting real butterflies to her side.On the Thirteenth day of creating butterflies, a day which had fallen on a friday, Penelope had created a larger butterfly, different from the rest. A deep red colour, it was outlined with a black colour, as well as having black designs on its wings. Upon the outlines were white specks, and the butterfly flew near to Penelope. Penelope watched it with her only good eye, as it landed on her cheek. moving up upon Penelope's eyelid, it had sudenyl metled against Penelope's skin, becoming a part of her. Penelope now has a butterfly design on her eyelid, and when she blinks it appears as if a butterfly had landed on her.
Days ago Penelope met with a man a few years older who she had conversed with a small amount of times before. They had some sort of link, of that they knew. They had both had some trait from their father causing an eye or both eye's to bed red. Penelope's brother had gone missing, while he had been raised in an orphanage, found at age three. Their parents had talked to Jay about how he would have a little sister named Penelope, while they had told Penelope her older brother was Jay. They concluded they were brother and sister, and Penelope confessed that she had fallen in love. Telling Jay that she had fallen in love with an "older" man named Silvers, he ha told Penelope he knew Silvers. Upon further talking Penelope grew depressed, and because of the recent happening with the butterfly, changing her emotions, her depression had gone out of control. Her aura turning black, it covered her body, and as Jay hugged her trying to comfort her, she had attacked him. They fought for a while, whilst Mickey had watched in the distance. Penelope's thoughts came back to her, the unstable emotion slowly fading. The aura melted back to her, but as this happened Jay attack her sending her back, she smashed her head going unconcious. Later waking up, she left in a hurry fearing what these unstable emotions might do to her.
Penelope has recently died her hair a green colour, and wears, when not wearing the Organization robes, light jeans, a black shirt and a green scarf. As well, she instead of a rose, wears a Venom Blue Butterfly. Penelope also noticed, a few days after when she finally saw her reflection a long scar going from her forehead, down through her eyebrow, across her eye, and onto her cheek. It is very noticable, but Penelope doesn't mind much.

Penelope ; III Img009

Penelope's aura slowly takes over her body, each and every day. Most of the time this causes Penelope extreme pain, but she is in too much Shock to feel it, and after it fades from her body, faces much fatigue. Penelope's hate for herself, mixed with the love of Silvers and her Brother, Jay, Penelope is on the verge of exploding. She stands on a thin line of sanity, which becomes smaller every single day. When consumed by her own Aura, Penelope looks something like the creature in the film [2:41] Though instead of the hair, it is green, and looks similar to Penelope's origional hair.
Penelope ; III Img010

Penelope, recently spending time with Lexxant, realized that he was not who he was suposed to be.. Yes of course, he was still Lexxant, but it turns out he did not find her. Penelope was found by Lexxant's identical Father, and lived with them until now where she is with the Organiation. Lexxant is merely Sixteen years old, two years over Penelope. He at first said they could not be friends, for Lexxant's Father made all of his Friends "disappear", but later confessed to her that he had Killed his father the Day Before. Penelope doesn't really care about his age, but is happy that he is even closer to her age. Penelope still holds Lexxant in her hand as if her were Silly Putty. She can easily get him to do anything she wants by simply batting her eyelashes, or pouting a bit.


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