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Post  1Scant10 on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:16 pm

Ooc; Habbo name: RockLegend2
Name:Scant Raxtis "Sky" Preeds
Known Aliases: Jix Mint, Remy Prast, Mud Plask
Regular Attire: Black Jacket, Checkered Black and White Shirt, Black Cap, The blackest shoes available after one pair wears out, Black Shades
Appearance: Tan-skinned, skinny, dark brown hair, glowing blue and bloodshot eyes
Weapons: Rusty blade, instincts, quick wit, fists
Life Bio: Scant was born with a severe dislike of the cold and was always the center of attention. He quickly began to yearn for adventure and was always putting on little games with his friends. His island was swallowed by the Darkness and the Heartless took control. He and his girlfriend, Engie, were the only survivors. Engie stayed in Twilight Town while Scant went out to pursue bigger and better things. He met many merchants and many didn't have what he wanted. He met one particular merchant who supplied him with a regular gummi ship and a supposed legendary weapon known as a "Heartless Slayer Sword". The gummi ship was blown up and Scant escaped with a long scar down his right arm. When he began to use his newly aqcuired weapon, it was adequate. But eventually, the blade began to rust and shortened to a dagger. Scant was outraged and found his way back to Twilight Town. He killed the merchant and stole his merchandise. He gave his earnings to Engie and bid her a final farewell. He left her and now prefers singularity. Scant never managed to find his way back to his home land after it was engulfed in Heartless and assumes it was devoured. He sulks regularly but will normally be coaxed out of his shell by a friend. The hole in his heart made by the loss of his land and love is deep and dark, but Scant never loses hope and wishes to someday find the one thing that will fill the hole.


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Post  :Abby:22 on Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:49 pm

Accepted ^^


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