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Lt. Black ( Wellington Black ) Empty Lt. Black ( Wellington Black )

Post  iCrashed on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:02 pm

Name: Lt. Black ( Wellington Black )
Age: 27
Height: 9 foot 6 inches
Weight: 296 Pounds
Sex: Male
Birthplace: New England France
Birthdate: July 17th

Aspires to be: Assassin

Sets of clothing: Tattered Robes ; Army Uniform

Normally: Quiet

In battle: Angry

+ Wooden Stick
+ Long Sword
+ Various Blades [ Formed into a Katana ]
+ Katana [ Actual Katana ]
+ Bag

Historical background: He watched his parents die at 5. He lived on his own for 14 years. At 19 he was drafted to the Army. He was promoted to Army Lieutenant. He killed the man that had killed his parents at 20.

Additional information: He aspires to be a scientist. He loves science. He has his master in college. He is a very neat kid. Lt. Black ( Wellington Black ) 57a37e907b9dd0_full


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Lt. Black ( Wellington Black ) Empty Re: Lt. Black ( Wellington Black )

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