[VI] (影歩む策士) Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer

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[VI] (影歩む策士) Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer Empty [VI] (影歩む策士) Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer

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Habbo name: Lights?

Real name: Justin

Ic name: Zexion

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Uknown

Personality: Zexion is cold, sadistic and ruthless. He differs greatly from the other Organization members in that as opposed to fighting outright and using destruction or offensive power to take down his opponents, he will manipulate the minds of his foes to bring them down. In this sense he is not like the others and through his element of illusion combined with his scheming mind he usually attempts to avoid outright battle. Zexion takes his missions very seriously within the Organization and in manner he is very polite in speech, albeit crass in tone. Though a loyal member of the Organization he only truly pledges his loyalty to Xemnas, in actuality despising most of the Organization members deeming them as problematic in the causes of the Org. However due to his skills in manipulation Zexion is usually the mastermind or tactician of the group. Despite his rank in the Organization his abilities lead others to believe that he is in fact a much higher ranking, however the true answers of these inferences are unknown. Because of the way Zexion goes about completing his tasks one would assume that he is the second most competent member of the Organization, always having a plan in mind.

Weapon Lexicon ( Tomb of Darkness ) - Zexion is able to create multiples of his Lexicon, trap people within the Lexicon as well as himself. Once trapped inside the Lexicon a foe is transported into a dimension of darkness and this dimension is able to be completely manipulated by Zexion.[VI] (影歩む策士) Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer 796px-Lexicon

Element Illusion - Zexion's power is that of illusion which suits his personality quite well. In battle, he will use his Lexicon to help channel illusions which grant him many different abilities. When consumed by the Lexicon, Zexion's foes would be trapped in a world of darkness which he can completely control. When outside of the Lexicon a foe will fall victim to the illusions Zexion is able to create around them. Zexion can mold the surroundings into his choosing, such as allowing darkness to envelope someone. He can create clones of himself and also mimic the weapons of his foes or create illusions of one's past or present. Zexion also has the unique ability to track the scent of a person. This was how he was able to detect the presence of enemies in Castle Oblivion.

Picture: [VI] (影歩む策士) Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer Zexion_Days

"Then I shall make you see...That your hopes are nothing. Nothing but a mere illusion!"


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