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Post  Ben on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:04 pm

[ This page was found to be the second page, torn out by something. ]

They've changed... Sora and Kairi... both of them. And King Mickey has changed aswell. NOTHING is right anymore. More heartless are pouring in and nobodies are popping up like theres no tomorrow. Also, I have heard that several nobodies have been replaced, numbers 2-4 I believe...
Thing is, theres more keyblade wielders in the organization then there should be now. And kingdom Hearts is ever drawing closer, I look up to the night sky all the time and find a small Heart shaped moon in the sky.
Its horrible really.... The biggest source of power is soon on us... But I know how to stop it. I just need to [the rest of the page has been torn up ]

[ This was found to be the last page in the journal ]
All hope is lost... the only possible way is to [ The rest of the sentance is torn out ] If I dont do it... well, its almost impossible to do it... Ill just have to [ the rest of the page has been torn off ]


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