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Post  Ben on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:06 am

This journal is the only proof I have that I exist. Thats why I have started this in the hope that someone may find it, sometime in the future. Without this journal, there is no proof and I shouldn't even exist anyway... may I just say, the legacy of the keepers isnt over...

I am the next in line for the keepers. I live in the hall of promise, and i hold the keys to Sadness. But still. my eye is a mark of the curse. Our history goes long back, but we may cure disease. And hunger. And famine. We hid ourselves in the case that someone will find us out and we will be caught for our purpose. My father was the lead keeper, but I killed him. He deserved it.

Please, if anyone discovers this... anyone... know my pain, but tell no one.

Lexxant Xantle


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