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Post  Bazoo90 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:24 am

I have started this Journal for the event that have been going on in my life.Last time I was around I exposed myself, I made myself look like a fool, but now I am back as a new person, I am not light.. I am not Dark.. I am balance. My last big event was turning Riku light and going into the Dark Realm with Jay. I have returned as a new person I am more careful of the actions I choose I am no longer a fool I am an old man. The light that was over coming me made me a fool, made me only think positive. I now know the truth since I have grown a dark side. The world is not a smooth or nice place for it is both Light and Dark. Without Light there shall be no dark. Without darkness there shall be no light. The Organization is the least of my problems for I too actually feel bad for them. I was once a nobody I know how it feels to be nothingness.. To tell you he truth the rumors are lies nobody's do feel they hide it very good. It is not a heart that makes you feel it is what you want it is your pride your brain. Your heart is just that little spec of light that gets you what you need and what you want. The Nobody's want power and I am fine with that, JUST Dont! Touch me my friends or get in my way. The Organization will soon come face to face with me in some sort of conflict, but that I already know lets write about the future. I am investigating why everything is so gone like nothing ever happened in this land we call "Home"? Xemnas tried to hurt Jay I let it slide the first time but the second I had to protect Jay so I did that is strike one. I am writing this quote because it is true and so I remember. Light equals Love, Pride. Dignity. Darkness equals Wanting, Sadness, and nothingness. I know we all have a bit of light and darkness in all of us we just hate to prove it good or bad. Pluto is fine but my castle has turned into a war zone of nothingness, I shall find out why everything is not what it used to be. I am no longer a King I am now a WARRIOR!

Entry 2: Today I saw Brea she was looking just fine. She gave me the 10 of Hearts which I must give to Jay. I also reunited with my old buddy Riku and he is wanted by the Organization for being a Traitor. Pluto had a huge gash in his stomach from a Keyblade but it was nothing big I shall heal it with great gentleness. Remember how I said the Organization better not touch my Friends? well if they touch Riku or Brea or Jay or anyone there going to have a huge problem with me. Nothing new has been going on but I have built a new Tavern for the public to enjoy well.. That is all for now. "I am no longer a King I am a WARRIOR!"

Entry 3: I slam my pen down on the paper as I write so fast and angry. I saw an Organization member today he gave me the keys to Queen Minnies and Bizmos Cellar which the Organization has gave to them.I look at the key a long look and I remember that it was the same key that Pluto had in his stomach, I go and run down to Minnies and Bizmos cage and I find Pluto Dead..... Dead? Is this just fate? Or am I truly a danger to be around? A monster... No one else will die I shall leave for some time not coming back until I kill Xemnas and his thugs. I am no longer a King I am a Warrior. P.S. Pluto it's not your time to die in Vein I shall bring you top Kingdom Hearts I revenge you...

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