Sorry to tell you this...

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Sorry to tell you this... Empty Sorry to tell you this...

Post  Xivtorc on Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:24 pm

Hey guys hope you remember me (Came back from 3 month ban) If i get things wrong I am sorry But this seems like something the Cust. Org Members should Know

Ok on to discussion.. I noticed people on the forum saying there in Org used to or w.e i am not naming names.. :SixtySix: Damike-Numbers- Said That ONLY One Org member is allowed (doesn't matter if i am been ON or not) Which i am that one... I am just telling you guys this is because ORG Members Need Skill.. I am Sorry if I really Get this Wrong.. Anyways.. THE RULES For ORG.(Everyone Kept it who doesnt need to know) If an CUST Org members die Than his Place is Free No MATTER WHAT! I have to admit i was a noob from taking to many breaks but now getting my Mojo Back PLease Read this -People- I feel Very Sad Since all that Work And they just gotten it. SO if i am right And someone disagree...Your on my -beep- list (BTW Fighting in other Pros in RPg Made me get my Mojo Back.. I thank them ....

P.S I know Everyone Mod Pretty well So if i were to leave or RPG i Would notice them ASAP.-We budz-

Sad Sad


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Sorry to tell you this... Empty Re: Sorry to tell you this...

Post  Bazoo90 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:29 am

We have Reopened the problem is Resolved!

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