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Post  ding652 on Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:44 am

While going through town Cody opens a rift in an alley not knowing a hooded figure hade riped open the rift. Once at the end of the rift Cody got out entering into Atlantic. Moments later His rift opened and behind him entered the hooded man. Once there the hood came off and it was none other than Xigbar. As he came he asked about Cody and knew of his plans to get the lamp from the org. While talking the men secretly grab for the weapons Cody with his Water Scythes and Xigbar with his Sharpshooters. As they pull out there weapons Xigbar lifted into the air ready for the fight and Cody combining the hilts into a chain conected to create a Scythe Chain. As Xigbar lifted he combined his Sharpshooters into a sniper. Before the fight could start Xigbar said: A fight is not in order only the information i have collected. After saying this Xigbar then Teleported away knowing about Cody's ideas for the org. and the lamp.

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