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-x-Habbo name; :Abby:22


-x-Ic name; Scarlet

-x-Age; 17

-x-Height; 5'9

-x-Weight; 115lbs.

-x-Personality; She can sometimes be rude, she is not shy, though she keeps to herself. When you come up to her, she doesn't usually speak unless she has become annoyed, or likes you. If your a stranger, she usually just stays silent.

-x-Picture;`` Scarlet `` Z-3

-x-Image; She has a tattoo on her right leg, of a dragon. Her hair is purple, and in braids, while she usually wears a white T-shirt, black shorts, black sandals, a black scarf, sometimes a red belt as well as a bandage on her left leg. She also has a bandage on her left wrist.

`Being alone, or with one to two people.
`One Boy
`Large Spiders
`Reptiles, Mostly Snakes

`Show Offs
`Goody Goody's
`Being Crowded
`Annoying people
`Seeing others In pain.(It reminds her of all Her pain.)

-x-History;Scarlet grew up without any parents. They died in a fire when she was three, so she lived with her older brother in the forest. He was nine, and extremely protective. Whenever he heard a sound, such as the snap of a twig, he jumped in front of her. He was so afraid of losing the rest of his family. Scarlet loved him for taking care of her, and she always looked up to him. He was her hero. They lived in the forest for two years, so when Scarlet was five, and he was eleven, a man by the name of Flavius Cornix Felix kidnapped the two kids. He sold them to a man who went by the name of Harold Korvanz, which was a fake name, who took them in as his "Slaves". He treated them both horribly, and hit them whenever they made a mistake of any sort. They escaped from his clutches three years after. Scarlet had many scars from being in his grasp, but from the help of her brother, Scarlet was strong and she never cried. Her brother, currently at the age of fourteen, taught Scarlet how to fight. He showed her how to attack, or defend herself if anyone tried to take her. He also made her exercise everyday so that she could run from people. She loved the exercise because it occupied her mind, and it made her forget the scars running up and down her back. Scarlet found a weasel, who instantly became her best friend. When she came back from the forest, she had hidden the weasel in the pocket of her pants, and walked with her hands in front of her pocket. Her brother found out, but he said she could keep it, when she burst out crying. He could never say 'No' to her, not even when she was young. When Scarlet was fifteen, she got lost with her weasel. She started to cry because she knew she would never find her brother. A woman, who's name was Julia Arotona, took Scarlet to her house, and took care of her. Scarlet thanked the woman, who treated her like a daughter, and was very kind to her. The woman adopted Scarlet, who was very grateful. A year later, when Scarlet was sixteen, she came home to find the doctor in her house. He said that Julia was extremely sick, and would only live for another few weeks. Scarlet stayed with her until she died, but couldn't cry. It was like she was out of tears. As Scarlet set off on her own, she toughened up, and responded to no one, unless she wanted to. She never cried, or even made a sound if someone hit her. It only made her angrier. As she got angrier, she one day took it out on a boy who was one year older, at the age of seventeen, named Carlos Falon. She attacked him, after he started bothering her, and after she was done, he had broken his left arm, right leg, jaw, nose and a few fingers. She left him there, not caring. She had become some what bitter over the years of losing everyone she had. She doesn't attack anyone like that anymore, but she still becomes angry once in a while. She is now seventeen, and has fallen in love with a boy named Vecxin, even though so far he has treated her unfairly. She hopes that he will change, and fall in love with her aswell.


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