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Bio: Seiteki Hitokage Empty Bio: Seiteki Hitokage

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Ooc Name: Sakurax195

Real Name: Sheana

Ic Name: Seiteki Hitokage

Age: 11

Height: 4'6

Weight: 53 lbs.

Personality:Seiteki is a quiet girl, dispite her scarcasm and sense of humor. She rarely see any point of dying, and tries to find the good in everything. She finds herself a good person, but against the world, when she looks through her eyes. Many of times she is also friendly, kind, loving and careful.

Background: Seiteki lived with her parents in a place called called Twilight Town. It was said that a few years back, a battle between the heartless and human went on, before she was born. When she was 2 years old, her parents volunteered to leave, to find and fend off any heartless that may come near. After three years, it was told to Seiteki that her parents were consumed into the darkness and became heartless. Other stories that were told to her was that her parents had been killed by the heartless. So she cryed that night over the different possibilites of what could have happened. She then seen on the wall of her house that there was a dagger and a short katana. She took them off the wall and vowed to find her parents, then she trained with them. As she trained she often thought of her parents and seen children with thiers, this often made her cry, but smile. Since 5 has she been training, using the two blades, and now at nine, heartless came back and another battle began. She positioned herself in front of the orphanage. She didnt want anything to happened to it because it was filled with kids that had no family, like she did. She did all she could to protect it, and she did well. When a creature called a "nobody" came into the town, Seiteki didnt know how to stop it, she didnt even know what it was. It came after her and attacked her, then the heartless attacked and burned down the orphanage.That battle ended with some dead and many wounded. Seiteki had scars all over.A year later, at age 10, is when Seiteki realized that she should be looking for her parents, and she started her journey, with constant reminder of children and thier parents, every step of the way...

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Bio: Seiteki Hitokage Asakur13

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Bio: Seiteki Hitokage Empty Re: Bio: Seiteki Hitokage

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